Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cool new products!

I know my blog has been far from interesting lately (and that's my fault- there's been interesting stuff going on with two markets in the last month), and hopefully I'll pick things up soon. With trips to South Africa and Guatemala and hopefully Peru in store for the rest of 2010, there should be lots of amazing things to tell about new experiences and seeing God at work in new ways.

But, one thing I'm really excited about now is a very cool new product that we've been working on for a while- single initial monogram stationery sets! Yes, that's a mouthful for a product name, but they're very cool and would make great gifts (Father's Day is coming up! Lots of men have expressed interest in these sets.) Check them out, order a set (or 2...or 3!), and tell your friends!

Also, we're adding more retail locations where Peru Paper is sold. Check out the list here and visit the stores in your area!

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